Agile UX:

Exposing critical perspectives, and transforming the human experience at every stage of design and development.

We are moved by research, not assumptions.


Deft UX Design Studio specializes in providing functional solutions derived from critical data intake, interpretation and analysis. We implement qualitative, quantitative, ethnographic and Agile design methodological frameworks to product design. This process informs our approach to strategy, design, and development. In short, we listen carefully, take notes and ask meaningful questions to understand what users need. Our deliverables are actionable and easily understood. We customize research methods that will deliver deep user insights. LEARN MORE >>

Without well thought out strategic pathways to follow, a projects research data results will inevitably lead to a disorganized state of affairs. One of our greatest abilities is to transform highly chaotic systems into simple, incrementally digestible concepts. There should be no doubt, that highly effective and contemporary strategies in human-centered design will position businesses for long term success. LEARN MORE >>

The Design Thinking method: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test and Implement can be complemented with additional exploratory approaches. User- centered design is a complex science, that is limited by the depth of research data findings. Culture, ethnicity, language, diet, social-class and occupation are only some of the ethnographic filters that can shape product design and engineering. LEARN MORE >>

Gathering, interpreting, and analyzing research data is only the beginning. Without properly organizing and presenting exploratory results, that development teams can understand, productivity can come to a grinding halt. We work with developers to facilitate prototyping, that fully integrates user data into a product's life cycle. LEARN MORE >>

UX project managers bring together the skills of graphic and web designers in creative teams to sustain the life-cycle of a project. Typically, these groups work within Agile frameworks that generate results in one, two-week sprint. This mechanism yields almost immediate return on investment (ROI), by reducing costs and increasing productivity. LEARN MORE >>

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